Xiidra and Restasis

Xiidra, or Lifitegrast, is a new product aimed at treating Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). This eye drop is claimed to have beneficial properties in terms of reducing inflammation on the ocular surface, and those related to diseases affecting the eye. The only prescription drug that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of DES has been Restasis, which, although beneficial, has a number of significant negative side effects. The FDA has now approved Xiidra as well, although it is not yet available for prescription.

Xiidra, the ophthalmic solution containing Lifitegrast, has been FDA approved for the treatment of both symptoms of DES, and signs of DES. This approval was released on Monday, July 11, 2016. It is the first of its kind in the lymphocyte function-associated antigen (LFA-1) antagonist drugs, and the first that has received FDA approval.


Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs are tiny, biocompatible devices that can be inserted into tear ducts to block drainage. This increases the eye's tear film and surface moisture to help relieve certain forms of dry eye. Also known as punctum plugs, lacrimal plugs or occluders, these devices often are no larger than a grain of rice.

Punctal plugs usually are considered when non-prescription or prescription eye drops fail to relieve your dry eye condition.

Two general types of tear duct plugs are:

  • Semi-permanent, typically made of long-lasting materials such as silicone.
  • Dissolvable, made of materials such as collagenthat the body eventually absorbs.

Temporary or dissolvable punctal plugs usually last from a few days to as long as several months. These types of plugs would be used in circumstances such as preventing dry eyes after LASIK, if you choose to have refractive surgery.

Dissolvable, temporary punctal plugs sometimes are used to determine if the treatment works for your dry eye condition. If so, then semi-permanent punctal plugs might be considered


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