Dr. Austin’s IPL is the only treatment that has ever worked for my dry eye. I spent so many years suffering and wasted so much money on various dry eye treatments. I visited various Opthamologists, used expensive Restasis and Xiidra drops, and even had the Lipiflow procedure done. Nothing worked. After researching dry eye I came across IPL treatment and Dr. Austin’s practice. I am so glad I did - It has worked beautifully for me. Dr. Austin performs the procedure with great care and the added bonus is the skin around my eyes looks better than before. I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering with dry eye to give this procedure a try. It has been the closest thing to a cure for me!
— Miranda Frye-Jewelry Designer/Business Owner


The IPL treatments have helped my dry eye immensely. It has significantly reduced the stinging and burning feeling in both eyes. The treatment was quick with minimal discomfort. Excellent experience all around.
— Michael C-Irvine (Information Technology)
I’m wanting to thank Dr. Austin and his staff for helping me with my first treatment in my series of IPL therapies for my dry eyes. I’m already feeling a difference in the comforts of my eyes with only one session completed. As a perk my skin also feels tighter and very smooth only two days later. The procedure itself was quick with honestly no pain. I look forward for the next appointment. Thanks again and see you very soon.
— Katrina D.-Laguna Beach (Sales)
I underwent a series of IPL treatments and was wonderfully surprised how my eyes felt. I did not realize the dryness in my eyes following the treatment, my eyes felt silky and refreshed. I would highly recommend this “lunch time” service, it is nice to wake up with eyes that feel fresh.
— Mary N.-Garden Grove (Retired)
I have had dry eyes since I was 23 years old causing nightly crusty irritated eyes. The IPL treatment with Dr Austin has helped my condition were I use drops only on dry days.
— Donna E. -Santa Ana (Retired)
Treatment with Dr. Austin helped my dry eye symptms tremendously!
— Maria G-Santa Ana (Clerical)